Ocean Data

OverPass Predictions

Use the overpass predictor to find out when a satellite is expected to pass over a particular location. Select the sensor and enter the dates to get the satellite viewing range, and satellite and sun azimuth angle, elevation and more!

Note: For multi-angle sensors, only the first view to be seen is reported

The results can be very useful for planning in situ sampling to coincide with satellite overpasses for validation and calibration activities.

Please choose one or more sensor(s) and complete the form below:

 Sun Status Daytime
 Output Format: Table
Text File
* 1 = tilt in progress  
  2 = tilt schedule unknown, estimated tilt  
  3 = Sat. view ang. > 45 deg  
  4 = Possible sunglint  
  5 = nighttime pass  
  6 = old TLE, accuracy will be degraded