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Direct Data Access

Direct access to all available data through https protocol, suitable for bulk download. For command line examples, navigate to: DATA > Search and Download Methods.


Find Level 3 mapped products for supported missions and projects.

File Search

Find and download instrument data via filename search, including support for wildcard search on partial filenames.

Level 1 & 2 Browser

View, download and order level 1 and level 2 ocean color data scenes at an observed regional, geographic scale with temporal granularity including cross satellite and in situ data.

Level 3 & 4 Browser

View, download, or order global composites at various spatial and temporal scales (level 3) or results from analyses of lower level data (level 4).


OBPG participates in projects designed to collect and combine spacecraft and/or in situ data for specialized purposes like tracking and trending certain phenomena. Click to see our current projects.


Community archive of in situ field data relevant to ocean color research, algorithm development, and validation.