COral Reef Airborne Laboratory (CORAL) is one of NASA's Earth Venture Suborbital-2 (EVS-2) missions designed to provide an extensive, uniform survey of coral reef communities through the use of the Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer (PRISM) instrument aboard the Tempus Applied Solutions Gulfstream-IV (G-IV) aircraft.

The CORAL mission combined a variety of in situ data, deployed under six sub-campaigns, to identify reef composition and study primary production near the Mariana Islands, Palau, portions of the Great Barrier Reef, and the Hawaiian Islands.

The in situ data collected under the CORAL mission are archived in NASA's SeaBASS in situ bio-optical data archive. For convenience, in situ datasets that are co-located to the PRISM instrument’s flight lines can also be ordered directly from the cart after selecting PRISM data from the table below. A bundle of in situ data files will be created limited to the spatial and temporal options you select. Please note, a large timeframe may NOT be suitable for all validation purposes, especially for AOP and IOP data, which are highly sensitive to temporal and environmental variations, whereas benthic cover measurements are likely to be more robust over a longer collocation window.

When using this data, please follow the requisite data access and citation policies for the CORAL mission, the PRISM data, and the in situ data archived in SeaBASS.

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