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This search page will locate publically available files within the ODPS

Enter the name of a file or a wildcard pattern in the search field below. Optionally select the datatype, mission to search and/or time range.

You can also search for files associated with an un-extracted data subscription by entering the subscription ID in the field provided. By default, files matching the subscription for the previous 3 days will be retrieved. Enter a start date to change this behavior.

A start time can be entered without an end time, however if an end time is specified, a start time must be entered. You can opt to have the results returned as a list in a text file with or without a URL prefix prepended.

Non-Interactive Bulk Data Download

Users who want to download a large number of files will need to use a non-interactice method of pulling the data from the server. Please select the following link for bulk data downloads. Otherwise, please follow along below to use the interactive file search method.

File Search String Examples

Pattern Entered What It Will Match
A2003001*selects all MODIS-Aqua files for day of year 001 (Jan 1st) 2003 for the selected type
T2003122090500.L1A_LACselect a specific file
S200312[0-9]*MLAC selects all SeaWiFS files for the selected type for year 2003 days 120-129 and filename contains string MLAC
NOTE: This form of search may take a while to process

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