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This search page will locate publicly available files within the ODPS.

Enter the name of a file or a wildcard pattern in the search field below. Optionally select the datatype, mission to search and/or time range.

File Search String Examples:
Pattern Entered What It Will Match
A2003001*selects all MODIS-Aqua files for day of year 001 (Jan 1st) 2003 for the selected type
T2003122090500.L1A_LACselect a specific file
S200312[0-9]*MLAC selects all SeaWiFS files for the selected type for year 2003 days 120-129 and filename contains string MLAC
NOTE: This form of search may take a while to process

A start time can be entered without an end time, however if an end time is specified, a start time must be entered. You can opt to have the results returned as a list in a text file with or without a URL prefix prepended.

You can also search for files associated with an un-extracted data subscription by entering the subscription ID in the field provided. By default, files matching the subscription for the previous 3 days will be retrieved. Enter a start date to change this behavior.

MERIS data existing at the OB.DAAC are from the 3rd reprocessing of the instrument. However, a more current dataset is available. To obtain those data, please visit ESA’s Online Dissemination Service for MERIS. To continue with data from the 3rd reprocessing, search below.

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