CyAN File Search


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You will need to install and learn to use Wget or cURL to execute the options described below. Please note there have been reported errors with running these commands on Windows machines.

Available Paramters/Options:

  • region
    • valid options: 0 (Alaska); 1 (CONUS)
  • period
    • valid options: 1 (Weekly); 2 (Daily)
  • product
    • valid options: 1 (Cyanobacteria Index); 2 (True Color)
  • areaids
    • valid options: all (retrieve all data); tile (retrieve single tile by ID, ex: 1_1); tile1+tile2 (retrieve multiple tiles by ID, ex: 1_1+2_1+3_1)
  • sdate
    • (optional) start date for a search (format YYYY-MM-DD)
  • edate
    • (optional) end date for a search (format YYYY-MM-DD)
  • addurl
    • include full url in search result; boolean: 1=true, 0=false
  • results_as_file
    • return results as text file listing; boolean: 1=true, 0=false
  • wgetflag
    • 1 (always 1. It's a mandatory parameter.)
wget -q --no-check-certificate --post-data="region=0&wgetflag=1&period=2&product=1&areaids=all&sdate=2020-11-01&edate=2020-11-19&addurl=1&results_as_file=1" -O -
curl | grep getfile | cut -d "'" -f 2 | head -1 | xargs -n 1 curl -LJO -n -c ~/.urs_cookies -b ~/.urs_cookies
programmatic approach:

Scripts can be used to download the data programatically. An example of how to do this using python can be found on the download methods page.




Additional Options

Click one of the checkboxes to select all tiles or click your area(s) of interest on the map.

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