Degraded Ocean Color Data: We are experiencing an issue with ozone ancillary data used in ocean color data processing. Read more

MERIS data existing at the OB.DAAC are from the 3rd reprocessing of the instrument. However, a more current dataset is available. To obtain those data, please visit ESA’s Online Dissemination Service for MERIS. To continue with data from the 3rd reprocessing, search below.

Filename Last ModifiedSize
M2010108.L3m_DAY_CHL_chlor_a_4km.bz2   2013-12-25 03:25:12 8400727
M2010108.L3m_DAY_CHL_chlor_a_9km.bz2   2013-12-25 03:25:12 2539661
M2010108.L3m_DAY_GSM_adg_443_gsm_4km.bz2   2014-04-05 00:38:01 5941161
M2010108.L3m_DAY_GSM_bbp_443_gsm_4km.bz2   2014-04-05 00:38:01 3707232
M2010108.L3m_DAY_GSM_bbp_443_gsm_9km.bz2   2014-04-05 00:38:01 1126618